iPad Mini Launch 2nd November – Review

So it has finally come, the iPad mini.


After year of ‘hope’ and rumors, we finally see Apple releasing a device to rival the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Tab 7″.


On first impressions it looks and feels like a quality bit of kit. But then again, what do you expect from Apple. It feels fantastic, easy to hold in a single hand comfortable, either gripping the edge or clasping the device whole. At 308g (WiFi version) its light but still has that robust feel to it.

On boot up, its quick to get through the initial setup, then into a completely immersive display. So its not Retina, but it still looks great. the screen is sharp, and just using apps like Pages and Keynote; its fluid and un-compromised. Another winner for Apple.

Internally it uses the same A5 chip we saw in the iPhone 4s and it utilises it well. Its more powerful than the iPad 2, which surprisingly is still being continued with its old 30 pin Apple connector. I would have expected to see the 3rd gen iPad replacing it, but never the less, still a fantastic piece of kit.

The mini benefits from a massive 12 hours of battery life from testing, even though Apple themselves state 10 hours so it really is a tablet you can use all day long without the need to whip out the new Lightning cable.

So, all in all a great little device. It really towers over the likes of Google and Amazon’s choices of tablet.


Apple have set the trend once again.


You can find the new iPad mini for sale at John Lewis in Newbury from 9am tomorrow morning, but be advised that stock is limited so make sure you get in early to grab yourself this fantastic piece of kit.





Hot Cycling.

Another long day at work, another day with less pay than I should be getting. But chin up, its Sunday tomorrow, and that means I only have to work 6 hours. Get in.


I’m slowly reconsidering my mode of transportation to work. Cycling is enjoyable but it leaves you hot and sweaty when you get home. At least if my car was still on the road I could drive in on occasion, even though its more expensive than cycling. I guess maybe it could be my weekend treat.


But then again, I’ve noticed, if I were to drive in every morning, I’d be later than if I’d cycled in. Considering I wake up at 8am, this wouldn’t really work in the car. I really dont want to wake up any earlier.


Never mind. I’m sure I could convert my bike to electric. That would be fun!



The Wonders of IKEA

So I’m planning on moving out soon, as you may have read. But where to get the furniture from?

Answer? IKEA.


I really should be saying John Lewis as they are my employers, but I have to be honest.

If you are on a tight budget and you need good quality furniture and other bits too, go to IKEA.


I did all my shopping on the John Lewis website for furniture, fixtures and fittings, utensils, the lot!

Even with discount, I still saved £500 by shopping at IKEA. Just think if I didn’t have discount, that would be closer to   £700 saving. 


In a few words, that is completely insane. IKEA do a Sofa for £95!!! 




I mean, I’m not getting that one because it’s too small, but even then the one I’m getting is £160. Thats still had the price of the cheapest John Lewis one, and it looks better!




Even then, Im still getting my 55 inch TV from John Lewis, and the Blu-ray player. Still get discount on that, and IKEA don’t do TVs, yet…….


Anyway, better get planning!






JuzzTF – Return To Blogging

Finally! Life has settled down just enough to proceed at a normal pace.

Ok, so things aren’t exactly where I’d like them to be, but they aren’t unmovable. Not in the slightest.


Im back on track for the move out to a new flat, not to sure of the location yet but I’m expecting to have made the move by March of next year. The shopping list has been done too. £1250 worth of IKEA furniture and associated items. The TV is going to be from John Lewis, a nice 55 inch 3D LG. Looks pretty damn amazing if you ask me. Plus a few other things. At least I can use the discount!

By the way, note to all.



As far as I am aware, it doesn’t mean shit! 😀


Rock on, bastards!



Walking for fun

Good evening all, what a refreshing evening it is. Still warm with a slight cool breeze.

I’ve just been out for a long walk, just a smidge over 4 miles, took about an hour and three quarters, and I loved it!

The cool evening helped massively as I didn’t fancy doing it in the heat, especially the way the weather is going at the moment.

Here it is! Click me!!

I’ve been walking for the past few days now, just out in the evenings, keeping the legs toned, I guess. Just another way to keep my fitness up, and as I have now retired from athletics, I need to keep the fitness up!


On another note, the blog has seen an unusual trend in views today, 21 out of 31 views have been from the Netherlands. I can only hope that it is not weed induced!


Onwards men!



Thursday/Friday – Amazing

Well, what a pre-weekend that was!


Thursday was amazing, lots of change for the better, an amazing evening of drink and food.

Cocktails were amazing, the food was fantastic.


And after all that?

Well, let your mind wander.


Friday was also awesome. Salisbury in the sun.


Wicked. I could say so much, but my head is a blur of awesomeness 😀




About Me

Well I though that I would let Justin’s little streak continue unimpressed whilst he was at it, and I know I haven’t been around a lot. How are you? Have you been having a good few months? Work going ok? Good, we got that out of the way.

Since I haven’t ever done one before, I’m taking Justin’s idea and doing an about me post, my favourite topic for those that know! Unfortunately I fear that this will look like I have taken it straight off of Bebo or MySpace…


Short brown
Blue – fully functioning.
5’10” ish
Around 11st 6lbs


In moderation
Play any sports?
Tae Kwon-Do (ITF)
Any other exercise?
Running, cycling, gym exercises, yoga.
Favourite music genre?
Pop and I’m not ashamed.
Favourite band?
Bowling For Soup
Favourite song?
Handsome Man – Robbie Williams
Favourite film?
The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King
Favourite TV show?
Marvel or DC?

There are your basics, there will be more soon, when I get a chance, I have to dash off right now!