About Me

Well I though that I would let Justin’s little streak continue unimpressed whilst he was at it, and I know I haven’t been around a lot. How are you? Have you been having a good few months? Work going ok? Good, we got that out of the way.

Since I haven’t ever done one before, I’m taking Justin’s idea and doing an about me post, my favourite topic for those that know! Unfortunately I fear that this will look like I have taken it straight off of Bebo or MySpace…


Short brown
Blue – fully functioning.
5’10” ish
Around 11st 6lbs


In moderation
Play any sports?
Tae Kwon-Do (ITF)
Any other exercise?
Running, cycling, gym exercises, yoga.
Favourite music genre?
Pop and I’m not ashamed.
Favourite band?
Bowling For Soup
Favourite song?
Handsome Man – Robbie Williams
Favourite film?
The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King
Favourite TV show?
Marvel or DC?

There are your basics, there will be more soon, when I get a chance, I have to dash off right now!


The News Bag: United Kingdom Edition

It’s been a while since I delved into the News Bag and brought up the odd stories of the week, but in the interest of blogging I took a deep breath and plunged into the murky depths of The Metro to find you something. Seeing as we have recently celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, I figured that I would make this edition of the News Bag a United Kingdom special. Let’s take a running jump into it then, shall we? (Look at me using the name of the blog in a sentence! Such shamelessness!)

“Royalist squirrel snapped scoffing some Queen’s Diamond Jubilee trifle”

Oh that’s right. A squirrel that loves trifle. Well, why should us humans be the only UK residents that are allowed to celebrate the Jubilee? This squirrel was photographed helping himself to an array of party food in honour of the day. This sweet-toothed squirrel managed to score himself some trifle, complete with union flag decoration before moving on to have a quick bite of the sponge cake, named in honour of the Queens great great grandmother, Queen Victoria! Glad to see that the rain of last weekend didn’t dampen any spirits!
Click on the trifle loving tree dweller to go to the article in question!

Squirrels absolutely love trifle

The second story that has been dragged out of the Bag today shows us the more artistic side of this country:

“Eagle-eyed snapper uses ‘puddle art’ to give an alternative view of London”

A London photographer has taken an alternative view to looking at the landmarks of London by capturing them in the puddles left by the rain. Gavin Hammond has captured Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Marble arch amongst other famous places in the capital in big puddles. Personally, I think that it is art like this that best exemplifies Britain, as what is more British than the rainy summer? Rather than the Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin-esque art installations in galleries around the world, we should proudly display these pieces. I’d rather look at a picture of Big Ben through a puddle than stare at a formaldehyde covered cow or an unmade bed…
Click the picture to be taken to the rest of the article!

Big Ben, as seen through Gavin Hammond’s puddle art.

And finally, I bring you some joyous news to celebrate in the wake of the Jubilee!

“Scotland’s Dull residents are united with Boring after vote”

No, this isn’t a hateful article calling all Scottish residents dull and boring. This is the news that American town Boring has agreed to become sister towns with Scotland’s Dull!  This news is cause to celebrate for two reasons: firstly, the partnership will hopefully boost tourism for Dull, which is useful as the area survives upon the influence of tourists (who wouldn’t go and see “Dull – sister community of Boring” even if just for the picture you’d get of their new sign!?) and secondly because this means that there is someone in a position of power that has A SENSE OF HUMOUR! If that isn’t a cause to celebrate then I don’t know what is! That said, I’m not sure that I would agree with the article when it says that this is evidence of Scotland’s “world-renowned sense of humour”…. Um, okay…
Click the sign to be taken to Dull!

Dull and Boring. The towns of course, not just describing Mick Hucknall…

Musical Moments: Summer Essentials

I haven’t written a “proper” blog post on here in a while so I reckon it’s about time that I get back to doing so a bit more regularly. To begin, I plan on re-starting the musical series of posts that I used to do, which I am renaming “Musical Moments”. In this, I’ll be putting a minimum of 5 songs each post and a brief reason why they should be on your playlist at this moment in time. To kick it off, I’m bringing you my summer essentials tracks.

The Feeling – Set My World On Fire

I’m a pretty big fan of The Feeling. They operate a relaxed, kind of cheesy and happy style of pop but they aren’t afraid to come back with some sadder and more meaningful tracks. The song I’m recommending is from their third studio album “Together We Were Made” and it’s pretty good! The mix of a slow and sedate start to the song, coupled with an extraordinarily catchy chorus which lends itself perfectly to a big sing along on road trips or at barbecues is one of the best reasons to put this on a summer playlist. Plus, it just makes you feel good!

Toby Keith – How Do You Like Me Now?

Country music should be a staple of ANY summer playlist. No exceptions. Toby Keith is one of my favourite country artists as his songs are those perfect mix between guitar, vocals and beers. Toby Keith comes from Oklahoma and makes good on his ‘Cowboy’ background, with songs ranging from lovers, friends and jobs. The song here is perfect for those of you just coming back from uni and seeing those dreaded exes back in your hometown. 😉

Far East Movement – Live My Life (Party Rock Remix ft. Justin Bieber and RedFoo)

Far East Movement are an American hip hop quartet that sprung to fame with “Like A G6” in 2010, though they had already had some successes previously. They are just a happy-go-lucky, modern act that have teamed up with lots of other musicians to date, and on this track in particularly with RedFoo of LMFAO and Justin Bieber featuring! “Live My Life” is pretty much a mantra that we should all live by at some point and what better time than during our Summer?

Train – Drive By

Train are awesome. Enough said. “Drive By” is from their newest album and it’s happy, cheerful, summery and has a road trip in the video. Is there any other reason to love Train? There are, but you don’t need any of them. You should ALWAYS love Train and this is the best place to start if you don’t already!

Alex Clare – Too Close

I first heard of Alex Clare when his song was used on the Internet Explorer 9 advert. Now, that’s not a reason to associate him with IE as a rubbish song being used to sell a rubbish browser (Sorry IE, we all know it…) but no, you should assume that Microsoft used him to sell IE9 because the song is just SO good! The drop into dubstep on the chorus is really well-timed too! If you need another selling point, there are Kendo practitioners in the video! Awesome!

Fun. – We Are Young (ft. Janelle Mon

If you were looking for a song to typify the night spent sat around the fire having a few drinks on the summer camping trip then look no further than Fun. Their track was the first rock/alternative song to top the Billboard Hot 100 since Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”. The song features the line that “Tonight we are young”, which is pretty much the words that you’ll want to remember what with everyone pushing the idea of jobs and growing up and responsibility onto you. Chill out and chant along!


There you have it, enjoy some music this summer! Any suggestions, please leave them in comments below!

The Revision Rush

So last week I received my exam timetable. I also got the hand-in dates for all of my coursework projects confirmed. Guess what. They’re all in the same 2 week block. THIS two week block to be precise. Whereas most of my friends have their exams spread over three or four weeks, giving them time to do project work and revision, everything about mine means that I’ll be trying to revise whilst doing coursework as well. Hopefully, I’ll get it done.

I’ve made a plan and it gives me just about enough time to get everything done to an adequate standard, but we’ll see how it goes.

Does anyone else have an abundance of deadlines to be meeting soon?

Justins Job and New Icons!

So today was the grand opening of John Lewis At Home in Newbury and the first day of Justin’s new job in store. Let’s hope it’s better for him than his previous employment history!

I popped along to the opening of the store and I was first struck by the fact that they had employed a band to play at the front of the shop where customers would be greeted by live music.

The band that greeted you upon entry to the store.

Looking around, the shop was packed full of everything you’d expect. Kitchenware, towels, bedding etc. Everything you could want was provided and there was an especially large display of London 2012 Olympic merchandise.

But possibly the best area in the store was the electronics department, staffed by our very own Justin! Unfortunately he was far too busy to notice me, but he looked very professional whilst talking his customers through the benefits of different electrical systems.

Justin, looking professional with a customer.

The other thing I’ve done with my day is to create some new “Blavatars” or Blog Icons for both Running Jump and Eat, Sleep, Procrastinate – my second blog. You can check these out in the left hand side of your adress bar and most likely in the Reader, if you follow the blogs, which I reccomend you do!

Have a nice weekend!

Where Have You Been?

Well, this IS awkward. Not two. Posts after saying I neglected blogging, I once again neglected blogging. I wish I had an excuse…

So things that I’ve been doing are many and varied and rest assured you’ll hear about them soon. I mean I can’t let justin struggle on through holding this blog up by himself any longer. We’d never get views! 😉

So here we go: a final attempt at blogging on a more regular(ish) schedule. I’m nervous about having interesting things to talk about but I guess I’ll have to do it.

A good weekend

This post has no theme, no message, no real content of any sort. I’ve just had a really nice weekend and wanted to write about it.

When the sole reason that you’re coming home is because you need to go to a dentist to stop your tooth from hurting, you wouldn’t think that it would be the best weekend ever. But, alas, early Friday morning I was in the car and pootling down the motorway, back to Thatcham. The dentist sorted everything out and it hasn’t hurt since (touch wood it won’t hurt again!). My dentists appointment was at 11:35 so I had the rest of the day free and decided to join my mum in town for a bit of shopping before heading home for lunch. I spent the afternoon reading books and doing some uni work, in an effort to stay on top of everything.
Saturday started with a visit to my Grandad, something which I always enjoy as he is a truly lovely and interesting man. Then it was back home for some more work, before getting dressed and heading in to my old job. Since I was back, I thought I might as well pick up some shifts as I enjoy having an extra bit of money. Work passed quickly, and the new manager is a really nice guy, so I enjoyed myself there and it was nice not to be closing for once.
Sunday was a lazy morning, taking the dog for a stroll then doing more work and back off to KFC for the next shift in the evening. Home and to bed and we find ourselves here, on Monday morning, writing a blog post before driving back to Portsmouth.

What did you guys do on your weekend?