Good evening all, it’s nice to be back in the flow of things. Or is it?

Continuing with the current theme of social interactions and the unspoken reality of a hive mind this week, I found myself in an environment where my theories could be applied and actually made some kind of sense.

Saturday night beckoned, and since its been a while, how could I resist? A few drinks in and the music grew louder, the floor bulging with bodies. Party in full flow. Observation is key, patterns started to emerge, fully revealing the ‘hive mind’ of the club.

Pathways to doors, the bar, toilets and exits, all became apparent, revealing themselves in full. It was quite interesting to stand there and watch as it all just worked. Of course, obstructions are an issue, as with any densely populated space, but the pathways most followed open and close at will. However, these pathways become established, and so the idea of a ‘hive mind’ plays its part. No matter how much the crowd shifts, and people move, the pathways stay the same. I found myself caught up amongst it myself however.

As I watched, it was evident that there was, or must have been, some kind of collective thinking working. Despite the varying levels of intoxication in the ‘participants’, the ways in which people moved through the crowd did not deviate from the observed routes.

The route to the smoking area courtyard went through the right of the mass, still encapsulated but ordered through it. The exit route from there also followed the same pathway.

The route to the bar from the smoking area followed the same path, taking a left turn once emerged at the back wall. Sensibly, the entrance to the bar area route followed the back wall all the way along.

Surprisingly, movement in a club just works, without intervention or thought. Could it possibly be a subconscious process? That would assume that you can’t get your subconscious hammered, so perhaps not. But there certainly is some other force at play here.

But please, if you are going out clubbing and you happen to spot these pathways, don’t become an obstacle. Stay within the mass if you can, or as close to it as possible. I’ve seen and been part of isolated groups and its not the best experience when you have multiple people trying to get past you. Its most obvious when you end up with at least a two foot gap between isolation and the mass. Block multiple pathways and you’re in for an annoying experience.

Hopefully that won’t happen again. Or am I really over thinking this?

You be the judge.






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