The Importance of Being – Reprise

It’s about time I took a step back from the world. Try looking at things from a new angle. Again. A whole two years have past since my last morbidly emotional post. I don’t think its time for another. Never again.

Life has improved, but the world hasn’t really changed. The Conservatives still control the country, much to my displeasure, and life isn’t exactly getting any easier. But that shouldn’t stop me from giving everything I have to making something of myself. Should it?

No. Not in the slightest.

I think a little perspective on life is certainly key in this era. What with the virus within all of us that I like to call ‘Social Media’. Let’s break down that name though.

Social – By definition it is “relating to society or its organisation”

Could it be said that the global trends in social media accurately depict the growing trends in the way the minds of the population work? Is Facebook the platform for what you might call ‘a hive mind’. I can appreciate, a hive mind tends to have order, a common direction to one goal, so I guess my analogy may be a little inaccurate, but then perhaps a global platform for multiple hive minds, or as Facebook would have it ‘Groups’. Are the true groups on Facebook those which are unspoken and undocumented? I would tend to believe so.

However, what I see on Facebook, most days, doesn’t leave me with the greatest hope for the future. I have a feeling this will turn into a rant at some point..

The News Feed – Not that you can call it News, more like targeted advertising and a multitude of shares. That seems to be all people do today, share stuff. Has humanity lost free will, and creativity? Original content seems to be left to people who are paid to do it now. Sure, if you like something, share it. But when I see people’s profiles full of shared content, it makes me wonder about their creativity. You drink, you sleep, you eat, you post photos of yourself on a night out, which just happen to be like for like with everyone else’s photos of them doing the same thing, and you share everything you see on Facebook that appeals to you. Could this be the 21st century virus, hiding in plain sight? Obsessive Sharing?

Then comes the tidal wave of targeted advertising. Those devious companies, picking away at the scraps of your internet history, and tapping into decisions. No longer do you have to go out and find solutions for certain elements of your life. They come to you. But should they? Again, isn’t this fundamentally taking away our creativity, to think for ourselves and find solutions? Even to the point now where you can get recipe boxes delivered to you. Food, already measured for you, all together. Expensive to say the least; but how do you put a price on convenience? Can someone tell me what was wrong with a recipe book, and walking down to the shop and buy the ingredients you needed? Or better yet, experimenting? We make a lot more decisions based on what we see than what we discover. Could it be that our very element of free will is being twisted and mutilated by cleverly placed advertisements? True consumerism laid bare, through a screen.

Share. Like. Comment. Subscribe.

Four little words that seem to have a lot more control than people really appreciate.

I talk about a decline in society among friends and co-workers, little slices of everyday life that I see or hear about which doesn’t give me too much hope. Stories of school children at 13-14 years old, making profit out of selling imported tobacco and cigarettes. Last I heard, pocket money came from working around the house. I can complain about it all I wish, but at the end of the day, can anything be done about it?

Possibly. Given the right tools and impetus. But change requires reform, reform requires strategy, strategy requires leadership, and leadership requires support. Support from which the reform would apply to. So how do you win? I’m not sure than winning is the case. You can’t exactly ban sharing, and neither can you ban targeted advertising. It would be incredibly difficult to tell people to ‘make their lives more difficult’ and go find things out themselves. We have grown so accustomed to having all the information we need handed to us so easily that its no longer considered lazy?

Could we therefore say that there is a case for a whole lot of definitions for words to change drastically.

Yes? Yes there is.





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