Eurovision Part 3 – 2013 – Malmö does it in style.

Well, Im back, after a good many months, I felt my duty to post my regular moan at Eurovision and how it’s just a massive sham and politically swung, but I was certain to hold my judgement this year.

Malmö has played it all brilliantly this year. A fantastic venue, brilliant visuals, great acts from countries that are usually underrated and a few pretty duff entries from previously awesome countries. I think I have become a little less cynical than last year, but I’m sure there will still be some political votes.

So, shall we get on with the analysis.

San Marino – 8 to France : Relatively close in proximity, similar languages.

Sweden – 10 to Denmark : Scandinavia, what did you expect?

– 12 to Norway : Again, Scandinavia, it was obvious, they’re neighbours.

Albania – 10 to Greece : They’re neighbours, it makes sense to keep the borders happy.

Netherlands – 12 to Belgium : “Love only for Neighbours”, not my words, theirs.

Austria – 10 to Italy : close proximity in Europe, and again they’re neighbours.

Serbia – 10 to Ukraine : Close proximity eastern block countries.

Ukraine – 8 to Moldova : Keeping the borders happy again.

– 12 to Belarus : Hmmm, neighbours eh? Must vote for them.

Romania – 12 to Moldova : Neighbours stick together, again. Do I blame them? No.

Azerbaijan – 10 to Georgia : Another border shared, more votes shared.

Norway – 12 to Sweden : Not as bad, major points to neighbours but no more to the rest of Scandinavia.

Armenia – 10 to Georgia : Borders think alike? Seems to be a trend. No love for Azerbaijan though. I wonder why, hah.

Finland – 12 to Norway, What a surprise to see, but no love for Sweden? What happened?

Spain – 12 to Italy, Bit of an odd one, but both are in financial crises, best stick together.

Belarus – 8 to Russia : No surprise there.

– 12 to Ukraine : Do I have to repeat myself?

Latvia – 10 to Estonia : Estonia were terrible this year, and the majority of votes saw that, all but this one.

– 12 to Russia : I really don’t have to repeat myself.

This was half way and I, personally, was very surprised with the outcome of the voting so far. Usually I would have picked apart all of the votes and most countries would have had 2-3 potentially swung votes yet this year seems pretty clean, I hadn’t yet found a single country that put its top 3 votes to related, bordering or close countries yet. Azerbaijan and Denmark were well away in the lead, and I had come to the conclusion that Azerbaijan just made a good song this year, and the same with Denmark. Personally, I didn’t like the Danish entry but I will reserve my judgement.

The votes so far showed me that for once the UK had not voted with bias, and neither Hungary nor Italy had been even slightly biased.

Shall we continue?

Bulgaria – 10 to Ukraine : Close eastern block countries. Need I say more?

Belgium – 12 to The Netherlands : Just reciprocating the love.

Russia – 12 to Azerbaijan : A shared border and Im pretty sure they are close countries.

Malta – 8 to Italy : Just across the water really, closest country for Malta is Italy.

Estonia – 10 to Ukraine : Both share a border with the 12 point winner, Eastern Block.

– 12 to Russia : Need I say more, they are its only other border, other than Lithuania.

Germany – 10 to Denmark : Really doesn’t need explaining, it was a good song, but they do share a border.

– 12 To Hungary : Hungary didn’t exactly blow me away, they’re pretty close too.

Iceland – 10 to Norway : Scandinavia.

– 12 to Denmark : As above.

France – 10 to Italy : Border shared, language ties, culture ties.

Denmark – 8 to Sweden : What a surprise. Brown-nosing is a easy to spot thing.

– 12 to Norway : As above, again.

Montenegro – 8 to Greece : I think I might have been to harsh with this one, they are close, but not massively close.

Georgia – 10 to Armenia : No surprise there.

– 12 to Azerbaijan : Again, no surprises. They are isolated in Europe, they stick together.

Cyprus – 12 to Greece : Need I explain this one?

Croatia – 8 to Italy : Close countries, only a small area of Slovenia separates them.

Switzerland – 10 to Hungary : Close-ish countries. Maybe not so biased.

– 12 to Italy : *sigh* Oh well, how more obvious could you get.

Actually now, looking back on this, it was a pretty fair competition, I think a lot of Europe went against just voting for neighbours and went with their hearts. There was some fantastic music this year and my congratulations go to the city of Malmö for organising and putting on one of the best shows of the European Music Calendar. It truly was a fantastic night, well done to all the performers and special Congratulations to Denmark, our winners of 2013. You deserved it!


This is JuzzTF, signing off.

(For another 6 months, hah)



12 thoughts on “Eurovision Part 3 – 2013 – Malmö does it in style.

  1. really have false preassumptions…Serbia is not close to Ukraine and is NOT Eastern bloc as you call it, learn geography and history. Croatia voted for Italy since from the time of Yugoslavia we grew up on Italian music and San Remo and we know how to value this music. Macedonia gave 10 pts to Italy!

      • Your link is one way of interpreting history for kids…read more about Yugoslavia and what it was. Try to find some other sources not ready made, “chewed” history, think with your own head and read mroe. Yugoslav nations did not have close ties with other countries of Eastern bloc.

        another point, I hope I teach you something:
        In newspapers in Serbia in the last week several time appeared that the father of Ukrainian Zlata was a Serb and people probably voted for her because she has a Serbian father and Serbia was not in the finals, nor any of the post Yugoslav nations. E.g. in 2007 Serbia voted 12pts for Hungary because Magdi Ruzsa is Hungarian from northern Serbia and people voted because she is from Serbia, etc. there is much more than such analysis you provide….so in both cases you would say voting because of Eastern bloc…but it is not actually what you have in mind, its something else, got it? 🙂

      • Ok ok! Point taken! My opinion may be a little antiquated. I live in the UK, give me a break, we never win. We just have to put up with Graham Norton and Terry Wogan (our most opinionated eurovision commentator ever).

  2. “Germany – 10 to Denmark : Really doesn’t need explaining, it was a good song, but they do share a border.

    – 12 To Hungary : Hungary didn’t exactly blow me away, same reason as Denmark.”

    Well, I don’t know who told you that, but as far is I know Germany doesn’t share any border with Hungary since the end of Hitler Germany (and back than also only via Austria)!

    You should look deeper into the results if you want to analyse them. This is not only a question of neighborhood, but also of other criteria, eg minorities. Look deeper into the Swiss votes: 0 Points for France, 1 Point for Germany and 12 Points for Italy, but there live 65 % German speaking people and they traditionally announce their points in French… OK?!


    • Ok, my geography is a little bit off. Your comment is duly noted and I have made an adjustment. Still, mid/central Europe.

      I also do see your point about Switzerland, but thats a good thing. Spreading the votes wider, rather than just on the communities around them! I am happier to see this year the voting was less political than previous years.

      • That’s true. I agree with you in that point but still am very confused how and why some good songs where only given a few points…

      • Still some politics remain, I don’t think that will ever disappear. Personally, I wanted Malta to win, the song was fantastic and it got a reasonable amount of recognition and was top 10.

  3. Lithuanian people hate Russia. We have biggest prices of warm, a lot of problems with them and u told us about Eastern block. How u can say if u dont know situation? Here lives 8% russians, so they vote for Russia. About Ukraine i don’t know but we dont have close or far relationships. Its just a country, we dont talk about Ukraine on news, we dont listen ukrainian music and dont know Ukrainian culture. But song was good (#3)

    • Fair enough. I am aware in past years there have been similar voting tendencies in Eastern Europe but, thank you, It is nice to have a Lithuanian point of view on the subject. Consider the analysis adjusted. 🙂

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