4 Month Catchup

Good evening all!

My sincerest apologies. I haven’t blogged in over 4 months for which I do apologise.

Its been a hectic 4 months mind you!


So what has been happening?


November – A bit of catching up with old friends but mainly work. Lots of work. The build up to Christmas was particularly hectic to say the least so at least I had been busy. Just wish I got myself a little more time off! But never mind, I seem to have gotten through it ok.

I had no such luck with the bike theft in the end. It appears to have gone forever….


December – More Christmas run-up. Again, a bloody hectic time but all round it went pretty quick. I proceeded more with the compensation claim against the woman off my bike which was going smoothly. Other than that, not a lot. It was just a work filled month. Had a good christmas overall. Nice Christmas Party with work too, pretty awesome all round. 


January – Sales, sales and more sales. Seems like they didn’t end. But it was nice to continue the busyness at work through for another month, made time fly. Again, not a lot to report, a pretty average month by most standards. I guess. Again, just keeping tabs on the bike accident. All going well.


February- What a turn around. I got a pay out for the bike accident! £1400. That’ll pay off my credit card! Other than that, bonus from work will be announced pretty soon and that will pay off the debts too. Turns out I’ll be debt free by the end of March. No more bank charges and no more letters. Its an awesome outlook for the rest of the year!


So there we go, all summarised for you.


Hope your last four months have been equally awesome 🙂 


You’ll be seeing more regular blogs from me now, hopefully. Perhaps an odd post from Rob, but I have mainly taken the blog on myself now.

Onwards and Upwards!




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