What happened to the Newbury that I used to know?

It has come to my attention that my home town has been lost.

No, not disappeared off the map. Its still there…

Here is it (photo courtesy of Google)

So much time has past since I was a child, I remember when my mother used to work at Boots and we would go and visit her on the weekends with dad. Newbury used to be a calm, peaceful and ultimately safe place to be.

Or so I remember.

Over the years, things have gotten much worse.

Victoria Park has mostly been taken over by youths, mouthing off, littering, starting fights, generally just being completely brainless. The bandstand is one of their ‘strongholds’. Captured by the ‘trackie-wearing’ variety, smoking, drinking in public. The Police just walk by, powerless. They don’t to get involved, they know what happens. It just leaves us all living in fear that just looking at them the wrong way might provoke a unintelligible lexical nightmare and most likely a fist to the face.

We can’t compete. I know all too well about this. I had my bike stolen on Thursday night. Most likely by one of these types. Police were called and they did their investigations, but nothing. Just so happened that all the 7-8 CCTV cameras in the area were pointing the wrong way or were not in operation. How can you have such a massive blind spot?! It’s completely unheard of. It makes me worry that no-one is really safe, even with CCTV. Its not a comfort at all.

But back on topic, these youths. I mean, I say youths but I think some of them are as old as 22.

(Me being 21, you could say I am also a youth, but I would never associate myself with these type of people.)

I worry about the safety of myself and the safety of others. We’re defenceless, unable to fight back.


Until now.

I am fed up of they way they think they run the place, spitting, drinking, doing what they like without reprimand. Their time is over. After all, I have plenty of time on my hands. I’m going to start trying to record any anti-social behaviour, then publish it. Let the world see what our town has fallen to. Maybe then the Police/Council will do something about it. Maybe they wont. Then its down to us, the public. Take it upon ourselves to do something. I will, I’ll wait for you to join me.

Maybe if we start something off, the police will take notice. Citizens arrests, etc. Tonight, I’m going to wait outside the park, see if someone rides past on my bike. They’d better watch their back.

I guess that would be my only complaint.

Newbury is still suffering. Parkway Shopping Centre is failing. I’m slowly running out of patience with the town. If no-one does anything to save it, I will.

Watch this space.




2 thoughts on “What happened to the Newbury that I used to know?

  1. is your town amock with somalian scroungers though? mine is and i am paying for this scumbags to be housed and more. They are rude, disgusting and do not speak english. also they look down on english people. we should not have let them in the country, we do not need or want them. but the world knows that england is the dumping ground for all the people that other countries will not have in theirs. Somalia was a former italian colony so by rights they should have been sent to italy. but italy won’t have them but ofcourse soft touch england invited them here…

    • You’re completely right. It’s disgusting the way they act. We have out fair share of non English speakers here. But it’s the same story, they look down on us and terrorise us.

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